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Bliss GenX is dedicated to building a robust Wellness Marketplace that provides outstanding content for emotional, mental, and physical well-being powerful knowledge in the world. We seek to promote new wellness experts as well as bring together existing wellness experts to make significant impacts in the lives of people seeking emotional stability. This is the world’s only Welltech platform dedicated to Wellness Training as well as delivering mental health services via various modalities.

We are working almost every hour of the day to create the most authentic content with utmost sincerity to deliver you real knowledge about consciousness, neuroscience as well as ancient meditation techniques.

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India’s Edtech industry is the second biggest in the world. It is one of the sectors that has seen rapid growth in the pandemic. The Global Edtech Industry is projected to reach $404 Billion by 2025. The Wellness Industry has grown to $4.2 Trillion.
Bliss GenX combines Edtech, Wellness with mindfulness.
Our mission is to create a “mindfulness revolution” in the world. With these life changing techniques spreading worldwide, the world is never going to be the same. If you are a believer, then you ought to lead this metamorphosis. We aim to transform 1 billion lives by 2025. We are looking for supremely self-motivated talent.


We are delighted to announce the launch of Bliss GenX application dedicated to giving you content daily on mindfulness, lifestyle, wellness, meditation to lead you to know who you are and create great transformation in your mental health, relationships, work and lifestyle.

About Our Founder

Sumant Kant Kaul, a successful entrepreneur, businessman, and an engineer, hails from a great lineage of saints from Kashmir, India. He is the mastermind behind a series of Bliss GenX programs specifically designed to help the audience take a deep dive into their unconscious mind and re-engineer the thoughts that unleash the forces inside them to achieve monumental breakthroughs and enhance their overall quality of life. The Bliss GenX programs aim to open up great possibilities of financial and relationship excellence, health, and vitality. Sumant Kant Kaul has mentored over one million individuals about mindful lifestyle and indulged in hours of practice of Bliss GenX techniques to master the art of transforming toxic life practices that block success into meaningful and fruitful habits. Sumant Kaul utilizes his extensive experience of 40 years and the excellent skills that he gained from his engineering & telecom business to help individuals better and optimize their lifestyle.

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