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Why should I buy Bliss GenX full access membership instead of Single Masterclass?

It is because when you complete a whole series of 33 masterclasses, you will be much more empowered to bring huge transformations in your life and understand the technique in its complete sense. You’re getting unlimited access to all masterclasses that you can watch anytime within the next 12 months, for a small annual or monthly fee. You will even get access to powerful podcasts as well as live sessions regularly.

Is it compulsory for me to become a practitioner or an Instructor?

No, it is not compulsory for you to become a practitioner or instructor at all. All 33 masterclasses under the membership are focussed towards complete life transformation and wellness through mindfulness. These techniques can help you to generate wealth, overcome relationship issues and manifest great health.

What is the refund policy?

You get a 9-day money back guarantee after purchase date with your subscription whether annual or monthly.

Is it compulsory for me to appear for assessment?

No, it is not compulsory for you to appear for assessment. Infact, as a full access member, you will get access to all 33 masterclasses for the entire year and you can watch these masterclasses anytime, anywhere at your convenience.

What are the 4 levels of Masterclasses?

All 33 masterclasses are divided into 4 levels: Foundation, Elective, Graduate and Post Graduate. Foundation Masterclasses consist of Science of Consciousness Level 1, 2 and 3. Elective Masterclasses consist of Energy Management, Top 5 Secrets of attaining state of Forgiveness, Art of Happiness, Undiscovered techniques of Overcoming anxiety and stress disorders, Release anger and resentment and Science behind healing physical issues. Graduate Certificate Masterclasses consists of Special techniques of clearing family karma, 10 powerful secrets to make your life more peaceful, top 10 secrets for Wealth Creation, Techniques to overcome depressive disorders, Healing childhood abuse and traumas, Powerful techniques to resolve relationship conflicts, Opening heart chakra and releasing stored sadness, Mastering your thoughts and creating your own reality, Introducing Ancestral defects : Role of Ancestors in your life, Art of mindful parenting and 10 ways to increase self-love. Post Graduate Certificate consist of Opening your third eye chakra and enhance Intuition, Be Unstoppable, Ancient Secrets to strengthen your aura, Learn the right way of Samadhi or transcendence meditation, Art of spinal breathing: Secret technique to raise your life-force, Strengthening Root chakra: Raise your self-esteem, Dynamics of Law of Karma and its role in your destiny, Awakening your soul power, Discovering your divine purpose, Activating your higher chakras, Ancient techniques of Manifesting the life of your dreams and Science behind ancient mantras.

How can i edit smart objects ?

01. Those members who have completed the first 3 courses called Science of Consciousness Level 1 + Level 2 + Level 3 ( Foundation Masterclasses) within 30 days and not later than 1 year of their sign up are eligible to apply for an online online assessment to become the LICENSED CERTIFIED PRACTITIONER by paying $ 50 and upon clearing the online online assessment, They will be given the online certificate. 02. After the member becomes a practitioner, the member will be listed on the website as “ PRACTITIONER” under “BOOK SESSION”. 03. The members have a choice to buy their custom website for $99 as website maintenance charge and the practitioner and their website is listed on Bliss GenX website unless the practitioner asks themselves to be removed along with their picture. 04. In case any client wants to take a healing session from the practitioner they can send an email to the practitioner or chat with the instructor in their profile. 05. Kindly note PRACTITIONER cannot go live from our app and website. They can only attend Live sessions conducted by Bliss GenX under the Full Access membership. 06. Practitioners will receive the session fee into their account directly from the payment gateway after deducting the admin and platform charges. 07. Within 60 days but not later than one year, the member who has now become the Practitioner will have a choice to complete the below 6 elective courses as below are eligible to apply for : MASTER PRACTITIONER after paying $ 99 for online online assessment and certification.The certification is for only those who would like to make a wonderful living. 08. Master Practitioners will receive the session fee into their account directly from the payment gateway after deducting the admin and platform charges. 09. Master Practitioner cannot go live from the website and Bliss GenX app. They can only attend Live sessions conducted by Bliss GenX under the Full Access membership.

Is there any order to complete masterclasses?

There is no compulsory order however, it is advisable to follow in the following order : Foundation, Elective, Graduate Certificate, Post Graduate Certificate.

Are these masterclasses accredited?

These masterclasses are accredited by the International Healing Foundation.
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