Enlightenment Retreat

Become A Licensed Trainer & Teach Online & Offline Seminars

Learn the highest knowledge of law of karma

Based on advanced ancient Indian techniques from Kashmir, this Retreat is ideal for people who are seeking the highest knowledge of enlightenment and karma, wanting to experience the bliss of Kundalini. In this Retreat you will learn how you can lead a mindful life like a modern yogi and also enjoy it with extraordinary moments of laughter, abundance and great health 24/7, 365 days.

Why should you join this Master Karma Enlightenment Retreat?

1. Fix your karmic account

2. All techniques in one

3. Enhance your self esteem

4. Achieve without sacrifice

5. Become a professional trainer: heal yourself and then the world

Level 1

  • Introduction to Kashmir Shaivism – the oldest text on the knowledge of enlightenment
  • Learning how to chant Original Seed Mantras & Moksha mantras – non religious sound vibrations
  • Learning the secret breathing technique to align your prana energy and your soul for actual ascension.
  • Learn how to practice the technique and activate your ascension program whenever you choose!
  • Clean your energy meridians and energy centres
  • Understanding the meaning of liberation, enlightenment and ascension
  • Activating third eye and enhancing intuition, decalcify pineal gland
  • Special techniques to renounce Karmic Oaths
  • Practising the technique that Buddha used for enlightenment – special junction breathing technique
  • Learn how to release negative money Karmas and replace with new positive Money Karma.
  • Karmic causes of money problems

Level 2

  • Advance Knowledge about the Spirit World & Dimensions from ancient philosophy of Trika
  • Meditations to attain Samadhi State (deep trans state)
  • How to fasten the enlightenment journey of a student
  • Ancestral Defects & how it affects your Karma
  • How to identify if you are suffering from Ancestral Defect
  • Remedy to Ancestral Defect
  • Strong Positive affirmations to help change your neural pathways to karmic liberation
  • Understanding the seeds of Karma Healing and the effects of Karma – short term & long-term
  • Secrets of how to attain wealth and abundance while being mindful
  • Understanding Leshyas in detail and understanding yourself. Leshya refers to the state of Mind. Our activities reflect our state of mind
  • Secrets of Chakras
  • Seven states of Turya and the states of samadhi
  • Kundalini Consciousness Activation
  • Awakening the 8th chakra
  • Awakening the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th chakras
  • Closing Meditation
  • Color Meditation
  • Weightless meditation
  • Past Experience meditation
  • Exhaustion meditation
  • Candle meditation
  • Void meditation
  • End of mind meditation
  • Healing fear meditation

Level 3

  • Practice Karma healing and Karmic Age & Soul regression
  • Manifestation techniques for an abundant, happy future
  • Learn how to release negative relationship karmas and replace with a new positive relationship karma
  • Kriya Breath Techniques
  • Learn how to clean your chakras
  • Mantra Healing for the 7 chakras
  • Special techniques for instant success
  • Understanding epigenetics – how your environment plays an important role in your destiny
  • Understanding Karma Varganas and learning different forms of Kundalini
  • Prayer for resolving debt issues
  • Forgiveness Techniques
  • Pranayama
  • Different Types of Kriyass
  • The science of Mantras
  • Lightening Meditation
  • Lotus Stem Meditation
  • Hollow Meditation
  • Bliss Meditation
  • Chant Meditation
  • Etheric meditation
  • Inner guide meditation
  • Karmic Life and Soul Regression
  • Piercing meditation
  • Absence meditation
  • Detailed intricacies of Karma – secrets unknown to all
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