State between sleep and wakefulness

Samadhi State

What is Samadhi State?

Samadhi state is a state between sleep and wakefulness. It is a state of equilibrium or a no thought state. To explain what happens in Samadhi state for e.g if you are a frequent traveler, you travel to some country and wake up in the morning, you are not aware where or who you are, what your name is. And slowly you realize that you had travelled at night and then you start getting aware, before that you had no idea. You are unable to move your body. It is like your awareness is not connected to the body. It is floating somewhere literally as if the hardware and the software are disconnected. This is a state of pure awareness. Here, time does not exist. When you practice being in this state you can also bend time.

Understanding Lambda Waves

Lambda waves are super frequencies between 100 to 200 hertz & are tapped by advanced meditators in the Himalayas usually, however through continuous practice of Samadhi meditation and its higher forms, one can tap into the sequence of Epsilon and Lambda frequency. Lambda is a state of discovery for the great, “eureka” moment. All great discoveries of Edison were revealed in Lambda and Epsilon frequency. Even Larry page saw a dream where google was revealed to him in a deep state. Evolution Theory of Charles Darwin, Sewing machine, structure of atom were all revealed in this state.

Understanding Epsilon Waves

The Epsilon waves are very low-frequency of brainwaves beyond delta between 0.1 to 0.5 hertz. Lambda and epsilon waves are connected to each other. This brainwave can help you to transform most complex problems of life with invincible solutions.
In Samadhi state, unconscious and subconscious mind is most malleable to change & transform thereby, giving results & experiences which are life transforming.

Samadhi meditation is a combination of epsilon & lambda brain frequency. Also with great practice , one can tap into deeper frequency than epsilon thereby enabling a practitioner to have deep meditation experiences & even go beyond the dimensions into highest realms of existence.

Founder of Bliss GenX, Sumant Kaul states

” You can experience the highest state of consciousness in Samadhi state and find out who you are. It is a gateway to take your consciousness back to its source”.

Samadhi meditation enables you to:

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